When your clients seek you out and tell your friends about you. What is Customer Excellence?

Exceptional client service is going beyond what is realistically expected, it’s about surprising and often delighting your clients. It’s showing that you care and you do act.

Today’s clients are savvy, less loyal, and more demanding. They realize they have a choice and that you are not the only company to choose from. Additionally, client awareness of service standards has also increased. Good, ordinary, and average are simply not good enough. It’s about providing an experience for your client that makes them want to come back, as opposed to being forced or compelled to come back.

Unfortunately, many businesses believe that delivering exceptional service will cost them too much. These in-focused organizations are only concerned with company profit and cutting costs. Little thought is given to how to keep clients happy. Additionally, in these types of organizations, staff recognition and retention is low. This significantly impacts growth and profit. Training yourself and your team on how to deliver stand-out service is an investment that will grow personal satisfaction and reward.

Simple things you can do to enhance service excellence?

Be responsive. Speed is everything. Try to reply to your clients as soon as you can and keep them informed. Procrastination doesn’t help anyone, and you’re going to have to respond sooner or later. May as well do it now!

Take time to listen.

Avoid speaking, and really listen to what they’re saying. You must understand what your clients are communicating to you.That way, you will be able to successfully meet their needs and provide the right solution.

Do what you say you’re going to do.

One of the biggest gripes in business today is that people simply don’t do what they say they’re going to do. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it! It enhances your professionalism and personal brand and demonstrates you value your client.

Know your stuff.

Your client’s perception is that you are the paid expert. That’s why they’ve come to you to handle their financial affairs. So be sure to keep your skills up to date, and be on top of the game in your profession. Unfortunately, if you convey a lack of knowledge, you risk ruining your credibility

Give a little.

If a client asks you to do something that really won’t cost you a lot of time or money, treat it as an opportunity to go the extra mile. By doing so, you not only have a content and indebted client, but someone who is more than happy to refer to you.

If you don’t bother to make the client feel valued, respected, and important, then you can be sure your competitors will.”

It is the most difficult task to make every customer feel as if he is the only distinguished client you have. Making them feel as though they are the most special customer you have. The customer will feel proud of that, which will make him recommend you to others. Finally, within the business development profession, view your book of clients as your most valuable asset. Develop a plan around taking good care of them. Most importantly, develop long-lasting personal relationships by keeping in touch regularly, both in good times and in bad.  

Article published in Alchemiser by Karim Hassan
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